Combat water retention in 3 days with this home remedy

This spice gives a special flavor to food, but few of us know that this aromatic plant is beneficial to health. One of the most important virtues of parsley is that it can effectively combat water retention.

This is because parsley has diuretic properties, which means it removes water from the body and also helps in losing weight quickly. So, learn how to combat water retention using parsley.

The most effective tea for water retention
One of the best water retention remedies is based on this parsley tea and you have to drink 1 liter daily. Due to its diuretic effects, parsley tea increases urinary frequency helping you to remove body toxins.

In just 3 days you will get rid of water excess from the body, and kidney and bowel functions will be improved. Kidneys play a fundamental role in the water removing process. The water excess that, often, the body fails to eliminate it contains toxic substances, dangerous bacteria and dead cells.

You need:
-5 tablespoons of chopped parsley
-1 liter of hot water

Infuse parsley for 20 minutes then filtered the tea. You can sweeten it with honey but after it cools. Consume it throughout the day to encourage toxins elimination and also will help you to lose weight.
Will you manage to get rid of 4 even 5 pounds in just 3 days, but, besides drinking parsley tea you have to stop eating fatty foods and try having a healthy diet.

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