Cure all respiratory disorders with this natural antibiotic

With the winter end, due to temperature variations, our body is a real bacteria and viruses target that weakens our immune system. Antibiotics are not the best solution. Besides side effects, misused it increases the infection resistance.

In many cases, natural remedies have been shown to have better effects than antibiotics or other drugs prescription. Here is a natural remedy that can be 10 times more effective than antibiotics in case ofasthma, cough, sore throat, respiratory infections, chronic bronchitis and breath shortness.

-½ a cup of organic honey
-¼ a cup of apple cider vinegar
-½ a cup of water

Method of preparation:
Crush all garlic cloves and mix with all other ingredients in a jar and leave it overnight. The next morning strain the syrup and store in a cool dark place.

How to use:
If you use this remedy to improve your immune system, you should take 5 drops every day. If you use it to treat a specific health problem, you should take 1 tablespoon every 2 hours until you feel an improvement.

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