How to properly take care of dry skin

Dry skin is unaestethic with an abrasive look where wrinkles appear easily and it comes along with an annoying itch. But there are some remedies that can combat this uncomfortable feeling.

Generally, we should avoid hot baths, harsh soaps and prolonged sun exposure. We should eat more fruits, get hydrated with water and fresh juices and apply emollient creams. Also we should avoid tonics and cleansing products based on alcohol. Skin hydration should be done with natural creams based on vitamins.

Cleansing process must be very ample doesn’t matter the skin type. It’s not enough to cleanse your skin with makeup wipes or cleansing lotions because it causes various skin problems from acne to sensitivity or dermatitis. You must rinse the skin with water after each cleansing to remove makeup and debris that traces cleaner.

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