No more flu and colds with this delicious mixture

When we are tormented by colds and flu, honeysuckle flowers with honey is a welcome natural remedy.

Here’s how to prepare:

You have to pick the buds and young honeysuckle flowers.
Tamp them down into a jar with lid but be careful not to crush them.
Pour over them organic honey and close the jar.
Push with a spoon until the air comes to the surface and fill with honey if it’s necessary.
Leave the mixture to macerate for a month at room temperature.
After the soaking period, honey can be separated from the flowers, but if you don’t mind, leave it in the jar and eat it with the flowers. Store the jar in a cool place.

Administration and therapeutic effects
Honeysuckle flowers are rich in salicylic acid. Honeysuckle infusion with honey has beneficial effects on colds, flu, bronchitis, menopause pain, rheumatic pain, fever, urinary infections.

In case of acute sore throat you can take a teaspoon in need. In other cases you can take one teaspoon in the morning, afternoon and evening, with half an hour before meals.

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