The Best Remedy In The World To Get Rid Of Vitiligo

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Many times I met people who had white chalk-like spots on their faces. I had once heard that this is a skin condition which is called vitiligo.

According to specialists, vitiligo occurs when melanocytes, cells that produce the pigment called melanin, responsible for the color of the skin, are weakened or destroyed.

White spots appear in various areas of the body, including tissues lining the inside of the mouth and nose (mucous).

The disease can be present in both sexes, and origins have no effect on its occurrence. However, people with dark skin are more prone to vitiligo.

Also, this skin condition is more common in people with autoimmune disorders, such as hyperthyroidism or alopecia.
The following remedy is given by my grandma, which was a nurse in the Communism era, and successfully treated a lot of people in the village she was born, of this condition.

You need:

– 5 teaspoons of curcuma powder
– 250 ml of mustard oil

All that you have to do is to mix these ingredients to form a paste. Then, apply the paste on the affected areas.
The results won’t appear overnight, given the fact that this is a natural remedy and its effects appear over time, but once they do, you will definitely recommend to others, such I am doing right now.

Image Credits: Essentialoilbenefits

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