Cleanse your liver and gallbladder with this homemade procedure

This liver and gallbladder cleansing procedure is extremely simple and the elimination period is between 16-20 hours.

Basically you need:
-fresh apple juice (1 liter per day for 6 days, before the cure itself)
-40 g of Epsom salt
-120 ml of olive oil
-180 ml of red grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed)

For 6 days in a raw is recommended to drink 1 liter of apple juice to soften gallbladder’s stones. Avoid fried foods, cold foods directly from the refrigerator and meat.

In the 6th day start the diet.
You can eat light food during the day, and the last meal shouldn’t exceed 2 pm.
-6 pm: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt in a cup of water and drink it.
-8 pm: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt in a cup of water and drink it.
-10 pm: Mix well fresh grapefruit juice with olive oil and drink as much as possible from a single zip. Then lie down immediately in bed, lying on the right side and stay motionless for about 20 minutes. Then you can sleep.

The next morning
-6 am: Drink 3rd cup of Epsom salt with water. Now you can eliminate the stones.
-8 am: Drink the 4th cup of Epsom salt with water.
-10 am: Now you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit fruit juice.
-11 am: Now you can eat light meal.
During the day it is possible to eliminate more gall bladder stones.

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