Dental Tips To Get Rid Of Gingival Retraction

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If you visit your dentist regularly, I’m sure you know about all oral affection that may appear over time if you don’t take care for your oral hygiene. There is a medical condition that targets the health of gums and it is called gingival retraction.

The teeth become more visible and the gums will get narrow. The space that is created between the gums and teeth makes the perfect passage for bacteria proliferation. Most often pain or some people experience tooth decay.
This condition called gingival retraction appears gradually and, unfortunately, many people are not aware of it.

As a dental nurse, I will present in this article some remedies that will prevent and stagnate gingival retraction.

• Drink a cup of green tea because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and can treat gums inflammation.
• Use aloe vera as a mouthwash or brush your teeth with it.
• Gargle with coconut oil. This process can remove and destroy the bacterial plaque but also the toxins present in the oral cavity.
• Massage your gums with essential oil of eucalyptus, to stimulate gingival restoring, preventing gingival retraction at the same time.
• Use myrrh powder. Apply on the toothbrush and brush your teeth with it or massage the gums.
• Massage your gums with clove oil, three times a day.
• Prepare a mixture of half a cup of olive oil and lemon juice from a fresh lemon. Leave the mix to sit for a day, and then massage your gums with it.
Don’t forget to take care of oral hygiene, brush your teeth well and massage your gums. Don’t forget to brush your teeth 30 minutes after each meal and avoid acidic foods.

Image Credits: Blueskydental

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