Get rid of candidiasis with this natural trick

Lots of women turn to drugs in case of some diseases but there are some effective natural remedies that even some doctors recommend it, even if it sounds strange. Candidiasis or yeast infection can be treated naturally without drugs. Garlic’s active substances, allicin, behave like a powerful antibacterial, so one garlic clove a day should help. If you’re natural treatments fan and introducing a garlic clove in your vagina doesn’t scare you, here is what you should know:

Candidiasis natural remedy:

First of all you have to wash well the garlic clove and wrap it into gauze then introduce it in your vagina.
You have to leave a ravel at one end so you can take it out easily after 3-5 hours. Replace it with another.
This procedure must be repeated several times a day for 3-5 days.

Don’t leave the garlic clove in your vagina more than 5 hours because you’ll end up with a very unpleasant infection.
Pay attention not to increase the garlic when you prepare it because the irritant and oily substances coming out of chopped garlic can affect the vaginal mucosa, causing burning and stinging sensations.

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