Get rid of dark circles around eyes in 3 days

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, which is why cosmetics for this area should have a delicate action. To prevent dark circles around eyes and to remove them here is natural way to do it.

Here’s the recipe of an exceptionally cream with soft texture, effective for eliminating dark circles under the eyes.


– Aloe
– one capsule of vitamin E
– almond oil

How to prepare:

Aloe is used for all skin problems. Add in a bowl 2 tablespoons of aloe, squeeze over them the contents of three capsules of vitamin E.
Almond oil is rich in nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Add to the mix 1 teaspoon of oil and mix well.

After mixing all the ingredients, the cream will get a matte texture. Apply cream every night before bed to relieve and refresh the skin around the eyes and reduce dark circles around eyes. Results are visible since the first treatment.
The cream can be kept for one month in a dark place.

Image Credits: Fairview

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