Goodbye pimples. 3 homemade masks for oily skin

We confront daily with different skin problems, but oily skin is the hardest because it comes along with acne and blackheads.

How to use rice flour in cosmetics

Rice flour is used in cosmetics for decades because it has a high absorption power and it’s well suited in treating oily skin problems caused by sebum excess.

Also, rice flour accelerates collagen production and protects skin from premature aging.

Rice flour, clay and mineral water mask for oily skin

Mix these three ingredients – one teaspoon of clay, one teaspoon of rice flour and 50 ml of mineral water – until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck after you’ve cleaned your skin, let it act for 10-15 minutes then remove it with warm water. Your skin will immediately become cleaner, sebum excess will be absorbed, and you will feel a freshness sensation.

Rice flour and coconut oil treatment for oily skin

Put two teaspoons of rice flour and a spoonful of coconut oil then mix well the ingredients. Apply the resulting paste on clean skin and allow it to act for 20 minutes. Finally, remove it with lukewarm water.

This treatment dries the pimples quickly, heals and balances the sebum production. Moreover, if you apply it three times a week can help you get rid of brown spots. It will clean your face in a way that no professional cosmetic product can do, so it’s worth trying this mix.

Rice flour and fresh lime juice mask for oily skin

Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with the fresh juice from one lime and 2 teaspoons of honey into a glass. The resulting paste is applied only on the affected area – forehead, nose and chin – or just on the pimples. Results are visible after the first 3-4 application.

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