Homemade Footners Exfoliating Socks To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels And Calluses

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These homemade exfoliating socks allow intensive and comfortable care of skin soles in a completely natural way. You just have to have to use some handy ingredients to prepare it, and you will get rid of those cracked heels, calluses, bunions or corns.

These socks will soften the corneal layer of the epidermis, exfoliating the calluses, leaving the skin so smooth and velvety to touch. Ingredients in this remedy composition have the ability to regenerate and renew the skin of the soles, providing a smooth, neat and delicate look.

You will need:

– 3-4 grams of garlic
– 40 ml of aloe vera gel
– 2 tablespoons of honey
– a few drops of castor oil

Method of preparation:

Clean the garlic, and then crush it thoroughly until it becomes a paste. Then mix the garlic with the rest of the ingredients until homogenization.

How to use:

In the evening before bedtime, apply this mixture on the soles, and then wrap the soles in a plastic foil. Or, you can tie a plastic on each foot. Let this mixture to take effect overnight.
In the morning, wash your feet and apply a moisturizing cream.
You will see after just 2-3 days of use how the skin on the soles will begin to peel off.
Repeat the procedure for 10 days in a row and I assure you that at the end you will have a smooth skin similar to that of your babies!


It’s not recommended to use this remedy if you have eczema, wounds or cuts on the soles or toes. Also, people with diabetes or people with foot fungus are excluded.

Image Credits: Youtube

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