How to find out if you suffer from abdominal diastasis

Sometimes you feel that you look like you were pregnant 3-4 months, although you pay attention to what you eat and do sports? Or you gave birth and you look like you are still pregnant? It is possible to suffer from abdominal diastasis or straight abdominal muscles separation.
Straight abdominal muscles are situated side by another the midline of the abdomen. There are long muscles with vertical fibers.

During pregnancy, these muscles move away to make room for the uterus to expand and theoretically, diastasis should narrow in the first two weeks after birth. In practice, most women remain with the muscles apart. Even if you lose weight after pregnancy your belly looks like if you were still pregnant.
This condition may affect oversized persons too, not only mothers.

It is possible to suffer from diastasis if:

– Have more than one child
– You have back pain
– Have transit disorders

How you can check if you suffer from abdominal diastasis

You have to lie down with your legs bent and feet on the ground. Put one hand behind your head and lift it gently with your chin towards your chest. Walk your fingers perpendicularly, along the abdomen. Start above the navel and follow the midline down to the pelvis. If the straight abdominal muscles are apart, you will feel a gap. If this gap is larger than 2 cm, then you suffer from abdominal diastasis.
You can check this with the help of an ultrasound.

What can you do?

Even though it’s been a while since birth, here are some indications to prevent the abdominal diastasis:

– Wear seat postnatal
– Don’t do fitness activities without protection
– Don’t get up out of bed immediately
– Lean and tense your muscle when you lift weights
– Looking for more information about after birth exercises

Recovery may take 2-3 months or can take a year, depending on the separation of muscles. But even then, any return to traditional abdominal exercises could again lead to straight abdominal muscle separation.

Image Credits: HealthyHabitsHappyMoms

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