How to get longer eyelashes in 5 minutes

Huda Kattan a young beauty blogger from Dubai has taught her fans how to get false eyelashes, but naturally, using only mascara, a clean mascara brush (from an empty mascara) and some cotton. You can get extra-long eyelashes in just a few minutes:

So if you want to try this trick, here’s what you have to do:

Optionally, before starting this process, you can apply an eyelashes conditioner.

First, apply a coat of mascara.

With the clean mascara brush take some cotton and apply it on the eyelashes.

Reapply a coat of mascara.

Repeat the procedure.

At the end you can remove with your fingers the long cotton excess or cut them with a scissors to bring them at the same length (careful to cut only the excess, not your eyelashes).

Keep in mind that you must apply it carefully, because those cotton bits may get into your eyes. If this happens, wash yourself thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Finally you’ll have very long eyelashes, similar with the fake ones and with no additional cost.

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