How To Remove Ingrown Hair With A Tweezers And Without Causing An Inflammation

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We all confronted at least once with ingrown hairs. As the name says, a hair grows inside the skin, instead growing outside like it should be. And when the hair thread penetrates the skin it can cause an inflammation accompanied by pain.

But, if the hair is longer and doesn’t penetrate the skin, it will cause a big skin inflammation, similar to a pimple, and very painful.

The tips below are especially addressed to gentlemen, who are confronted with this problem every day, but also to ladies who are looking for saving solutions.

If inflammation is the problem, dermatologists recommend men to let the beard grow (especially if it is curled).
All dermatologists think that tweezers are the only way to get rid of an increased hair inside, but there are other ways.

Here’s what to do if you use the tweezers:

Apply a warm compress for a few minutes to soften the skin. Sterilize a needle or the tweezers, snap the hair, and then apply an antiseptic solution.

If you can’t see the ingrown hair (and you just suspect that it would be), do not try to find it, just keep a warm compress there, until you can actually see the hair, and apply the above steps.

How to shave your beard to prevent ingrown hair

Just “soak” the beard before shaving, like it follows: soap the well the beard for a few minutes, rinse well, and then apply a shaving foam or shaving gel, and let it act 2-3 minutes before removing the hair.

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