How To Keep Diabetes Under Control – The Natural Way

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Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs due to insulin imbalances. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to balance blood glucose and regulate cellular energy production. Diabetes is a serious illness that, untreated, can even endanger the life of the patient.

Patients with diabetes can lead a relatively normal life. The treatment includes periodic insulin injections and requires a strict diet, but diabetes can also be managed naturally. The remedy I suggest is all natural and inexpensive, helping you to keep diabetes under control. But, I suggest that before trying any natural remedy, to ask your doctor first.


– 300 grams of celery
– 6 lemons


Wash the celery and grate it, and then squeeze the 6 lemon juice over it. Put everything in a jar with lid. Seal the jar, and put it in a pot filled with water, and then put the pot on the fire. When the water in the pot reaches the boiling point, take the pot from the fire and let it cool. After cooling, move the preparation into another clean jar and keep it in the refrigerator.

Consume a spoonful of this remedy daily in the morning before breakfast to boost the pharmaceutical treatment, and thus better manage the symptoms of diabetes.

Image Credits: Diabetescare

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