Potato And Onion Mask To Get Rid Of Those Ugly Dark Circles

I’ll tell you all how I got rid of dark circles with the help of natural remedies, because any other moisturizer couldn’t help me at all. Because I sit in front if the computer 24/7, my eyes are tired and you can see that from a distance. Those round and black circles around my eyes couldn’t even be hidden under the foundation. So, I tried the following remedy daily, and I got to tell you, that my face looks amazing, without any trace of dark circles. It’s just like they never been there.

Potato and onions for dark circles


– half of an onion
– 1 potato

How to prepare and use

Mix the ingredients in the blender, and then apply the paste all over the skin. At least this is how I did, but you can apply it only under the eyes. Leave the mask to act for 15 minutes, and then remove it by rinsing with cold water.

Image Credits: Youtube

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