Simple test that shows you have lactose intolerance

Milk is the only complete nourishment, but for a lot of people causes allergies and intolerances.

A very high percentage of adults worldwide have this intolerance, some of them without knowing.

If you’re eating healthy and still suffer from acne, glucose level fluctuations, gastric reflux, joint pain, sinusitis, constipation, autoimmune diseases, try not to consume dairy products for 30-45 days. It is the easiest way to see if it harms you or not. You might be surprised by your great health condition and when you’ll taste dairy products again could feel a stomach ache. This is the clear sign that the body would thank you if you wouldn’t feed it with lactose again.

Or, you’ll feel the same throughout the 45 days and there will be no difference when you reintroduce them in your diet. In this case, you should eat natural dairy products without chemical additives and no nutritional value.

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