The most effective ways to get rid of scars

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We’ll do anything to get rid of scars but the modern techniques are quite expensive. Those unsightly marks can make you self-conscious but you can try one of these natural remedies to forget about scars.

Baking soda, the best scrub
This effective scrub is gentle with the skin and you already know that this powder is the miraculous solution to get rid of dry and cracked heels, because of the abrasive property.
Baking soda has whitening properties, giving brightness to skin. To get rid of scars, mix 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with some water to obtain a thick paste. Apply this mask on the scar let it act for a few minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this procedure 2 times a week.

Olive oil is one of the fastest remedies against scars
Olive oil moisturizes, strengthens and protects the skin against external environment. It’s rich in fatty acids with anti-aging properties. Vitamins K and E prevents aging, brown spots and promotes cellular regeneration.
To use it as a scars remedy, rub every evening with circular movements the affected areas. You’ll see the results in a short time.

Aloe will get you rid of unsightly marks
Aloe gel extract has anti-inflammatory effects and it helps to reduce skin irritation and to eliminate dead cells from scars. Also aloe reduce swelling, repairs damaged cells and promotes the new cells production. Apply the gel directly to the scar and massage several times a day.

Image Credits: ScarRemoval

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