Treat colds and flu with this incredible infusion

Honeysuckle is an Asian plant which blooms from spring to summer. Its white and yellow flowers fragrance makes it the first choice of those who want to decorate their gardens. However, it’s good to know that the flowers don’t play a decorative role, but also a curative one.

Honeysuckle is a plant whose flowers have a scent that relaxes you and urges you to meditation, which can be used in aromatherapy sessions. Honeysuckle flowers have anti-inflammatory properties, and an infusion from this plant can relieve headaches, and ENT diseases, if tea is used for gargling.

Breast mastitis and inflammation can be reduced if you apply poultices of honeysuckle infusion. In addition, it has been proven that this amazing plant can prevent breast cancer.

If your immune system is weakened you can use honeysuckle infusions. Besides the fact that it can keep viral infections away, it’s great to treat some unpleasant cold symptoms such as fever, cough and sore throat. As well it can heal and cystitis.

Intestinal diseases are also on the list of diseases that can be treated using this herbal remedy.

Honeysuckle infusion recipe
All that you have to do is to collect plant buds and leave them to dry in a well-ventilated place. When you want to prepare tea, all you have to do is use 2 teaspoons of herb for a cup of boiling water. Consume two or three cups a day. Careful! Pregnant women and people suffering from gastric diseases should avoid drinking honeysuckle tea.

Image Credits: Moderndayms

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