You Should Try My Method If You Want To Get Rid Of Spider Veins

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We all heard of spider veins, and most people face this problem. I am, for instance. These are the small and unsightly veins that appear under the skin, and are usually blue, purplish or red.

Although they are not dangerous, they are often considered unsightly. But there is a way to get rid of them with the help of a few things you probably have in the house.

And apple cider vinegar is the best way to get rid of them, because it was tested on me.

You need:

– apple cider vinegar
– cotton pad

Apply apple vinegar on a cotton pad, and then to the affected skin. Let it act overnight, and you can use a bandage to tie the cotton pad.

Apply this treatment for 4 weeks, 3 times a day, and spider veins will disappear for sure.
Careful! Vinegar can cause skin irritation, so it’s important not to use it on the face or other sensitive skin area.

Image Credits: Fabhow

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